Thursday, March 22, 2012

A blast through the past 15 Gestures exhibitions

As our artists are feverishly working away down at 1414 Monterey, we hope you are all getting excited for the opening celebration of our sixteenth Gestures exhibition on March 30th, 2012! Join us on Friday, March 30th, from 6-8pm to check out Gestures: Intimate Friction.

Each year, several artists come to our satellite galleries at 1414 Monterey to create site-specific works for our Gestures exhibitions. To help prepare you for the excitement that is about to ensue, we have provided you with a smattering of past Gestures works from throughout the years. Enjoy!

Tom Bedger
Fall, 2001
Gestures 1

Harry Schwalb
Workplace, 2002
Gestures 2

Nathan Nissim
Heliogabalous, 2002
Gestures 3

Robin Stanaway
Collective Corrected Vision, 2003
Gestures 4

Todd Swan
Lamplight, 2003
Gestures 5

Nami Ogawa
, 2005
Gestures 6

Peter Lambert
Sketches in Steel, 2005
Gestures 7

David Sleasman
Hybrids: Pittsburgh: Prairie, 2005
Gestures 8

Jen Lucchino & Freddie Croce
Untitled, 2006
Gestures 9

Jairan Sadeghi
The Current State of Things at Point A, 2008
Gestures 10

Derk Wolmuth
Space Vacuum, 2008
Gestures 11

Amber Coppings
Echoes of Objects, 2009
Gestures 12

Patricia Villalobos Echeverria
Parasite (40°27'25"N 80°00'48"W), 2009
Gestures 13

Ryder Henry
Periphery, 2010
Gestures 14

Jerstin Crosby
On the Inside, 2011
Gestures 15
Gestures 16 "Gestures: Intimate Friction" is guest-curated by Mary-Lou Arscott, of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture. Participants include Nina Marie BarbutoDee BriggsNick DurrantJeremy FiccaPablo GarciaJenn Gooch, Ling He, Matt Huber, Nick Liadis, TransformaziumGill Wildman, and Spike Wolff. Again, the opening reception is Friday, March 30, 2012, 6-8pm, and runs through September 16, 2012.

Friday, March 16, 2012

ArtLab: Experimenting with Light

Light makes visible the objects of our world, but rarely do we think of light as an object itself. James Turrell’s artwork invites us to consider light to be more than an illuminator of objects. He invites us to examine light as an art medium- something that can be molded and manipulated. In his installations, Turrell uses his knowledge of psychology and visual phenomena to impact the viewer’s eye, mind, and body.  

Danaë, 1983, one of our three permanent installations by James Turrell

James Turrell’s light installations are ineffective without careful consideration and manipulation of the space that contains the light. This week’s ARTLAb invites you to create your very own light installation in the lobby of the Mattress Factory. By using translucent materials, a projector, and the interior architecture of the Museum you will be challenged to create a unique environment inspired by James Turrell’s work. How can YOU change the look and feeling of a place?     

Catso, Red, 1994, one of our three permanent installations by James Turrell

Join us for this month's ArtLab in the lobby at 500 Sampsonia Way on Saturday, March 17th from 1-4pm and experiment with light! All ages are welcome and it's free with paid museum admission.