Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Recap// Factory 500 in Lawrenceville

The sun was shining on October 22, 2017 when Factory 500 members gathered at the Allegheny Cemetery in Bloomfield to learn about its long history. Members got a peek inside the Temple of Memories, where the stained glass windows depicted the early years of Pittsburgh's storied past. Pittsburgh historian, Jim Wudarczyk, led the group along “millionaires row,” a stretch of some of the impressive mausoleums in the cemetery, learning about each resident.

Members then caravanned to the studio of artist Mary Mazziotti who has been working in Lawrenceville for several decades. Mazziotti describes her work as contemporary memento mori. Working with textiles and painting she creates art that reminds the viewer of the ephemerality of life. She spoke about her desire to infuse her pieces with wit and humor and juxtapose with simplicity of craft with the profundity of death. Members enjoyed perusing her vast collection of work, enjoying the whimsicality in each piece.

To conclude the evening, a reception was held at the home of long-time Lawrenceville residents Kalliope and Joe Geever. The Geevers boast a unique residence which is decorated floor to ceiling with an impressive collection of art, mementos, and found objects. Members enjoyed cocktails and snacks nestled between a koi pond and garden lit by twinkling lights. 

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