Friday, February 2, 2018

Factory 500 at the Flashlight Factory

Recap // Factory 500 at the Flashlight Factory
Thursday, February 1, 2018

Factory 500 members kick off the 2018 Factory 500 event series at HIP at the Flashlight Factory, a converted warehouse located in the Allegheny West neighborhood of the Northside. Members were able to catch up with one another and enjoy some light refreshments before heading out the door to explore the eclectic neighborhood.

The group braved the cold to walk to a private residence which houses one of the largest collections of antique scales in the region. The collection included scales from many different time periods. There were scales for weighing eggs, specific types of grains, and even for weighing horse-racing jockeys. The mansion, which is over 100 years old, boasts a host of impressive architectural feats and still features original hand-carved wood details and brick. This stop was a rare treat  as the homeowner almost never opens her doors to the public. Per the request of the collector, no photos were taken in the residence.

After this first stop the group walked over to Mr. Small's Recording Studio, where they learned about the different methods of mixing and recording music, from studio manager, Nate Campisi.

Musical talents were put to the test when Nate helped members record a track so they could see the process of creating a professional album first hand.

The group returned to the Flashlight Factory for some hearty treats from Coca Cafe, wine and Prosecco, and a tasting of homemade sorbet by Northsider, Anne Gilligan.

Factory 500 is the Mattress Factory's premier membership group. Quarterly events are organized around Pittsburgh's eclectic neighborhoods, giving special access to collections, unique spaces, and Pittsburgh's makers, creators, and innovators. Learn more about joining here, or contact Nicole Hall, Development Manager, at or 412.231.3169.