Monday, December 19, 2011

pARTy LAB on Friday, December 30th

We had so much fun the day after Thanksgiving for our annual 2011 Family Day we’ve decided to do it again! Join us for pARTy LAB on Friday, December 30th from 11am-4pm for art activities in the museum’s lobby.

Here are photos from our Family Day last month... we loved it so much we're doing again!

Make a DIY Roadkill (inspired by Nika Kupyrova’s installation on our 3rd floor). Using fabric and clothing remnants, visitors can design their own stuffed creations. Museum educators will be on hand to sew and stick the freshly stuffed works of art together securely.

With New Year’s celebrations imminent, family-day participants can stop by our HAT-LAB to create one of a kind head-wear suitable for the most spectacular parties. Ring in the New Year in style—even your most fashion-forward friends will be envious.

Girls and Boys of all ages are invited to get down at our New Year’s pre-party at the MF.

Art activities for all ages
Friday, December 30th 
Free with museum admission


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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's no secret. It's no lie. We love our artists.

One of the greatest things about working at the MF is hanging with all of the amazing artists from around the world. For our current show, Factory Installed, we all had the opportunity to spend time with the amazing Mariana Manhães.

Mariana joined us all the way from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, but we all felt like we knew her well before she got here. She was so pumped to install a brand new work at the MF that she blogged about the whole process before she ever set foot on MF soil.

From here to there, Mariana documented sending her materials across continents on her blog

Hanging with an MF artists isn't always quite what you think it will be. Our artists transport their lives to Pittsburgh and we do our best to make them feel quite at home. We do everything from helping them settle in at our residency housing to taking them to the grocery store.


But enough about grocery stores, let's look at the art. Check out this brand-spanking new video of Mariana speaking about the work she created for our show Factory Installed, Thesethose:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quirky Gifts from your Favorite Quirky Museum

Hello friends, MF Sam here. It’s that time of year again… [cue snowflakes] time to drink hot chocolate, unpack your toasty mittens and wrap goodies up in brown paper packages tied up with string.  Here at the MF Shop, we’ve been decking the halls with the traditional holiday moose and technicolor tree. We’ve also gathered tons of items to bring holiday cheer!

First off, stocking stuffers. We’ve got mechanical wind ups (top left), cheeky recycled cuffs (top center), handmade keychain creatures (top right), an awesome selection of ornaments (bottom left), stack-able tops (bottom center) as well as the gift that keeps on giving: bamboo toothbrushes (bottom right)!

We also have a seriously great selection of gifts, here are some of my favorites:

Queen Bee handbags (top left), organic animal pillows (top center), odd-ball shirts (top right), fish leather earrings (middle left), contemporary art books (middle center), retro inspired clocks (middle right), artist designed plates (bottom left), pinhole cameras (bottom center), and yours truly wearing thread bundle necklaces.

If you still have some holiday shopping to do (I know I do) then come check out the Mattress Factory shop (either here at the museum or online)!* Better yet, bring the whole family to check out the Factory Installed show, and while your loved ones are experiencing the Turrell floor, come scoop them up a great gift. For all you bargain hunters, we will have a sale table set up throughout December.

I hope everyone has a safe and lovely holiday season, as well as a fabulous new year!

                                                                                                        – Sam

*Don't forget, a portion of every purchase you make in the MF Shop supports our exhibition and education programs. Feel good shopping.