Friday, August 29, 2008

2008 ART AUCTION : Lots Now Viewable


The first wave of lots in the 2008 Benefit Art Auction have been uploaded and are now viewable online. Click the image above to view the first 59 lots. New lots are arriving daily, so check back often because we're regularly updating and posting new pieces.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nathaniel Bartlett - 08.21.2008

Once a month on a Thursday, the BoxSpring Café at the Mattress Factory opens for dinner and presents an art-infused pairing of good food and great artists. Dinner is served between 5.00PM and 7.00PM, and the event begins at 7.00PM. Admission is $10 ($5 for members/students)

Nathaniel Bartlett
solo marimba + three-dimensional, high-definition, computer-generated sound projection

As an integral part of being dedicated to instruments of our time (the modern marimba + computer), Nathaniel Bartlett is also dedicated to the music of our time — making a great effort to compose, commission, perform, and record new works. In particular, he is interested in works that utilize three-dimensional, high-definition (24bit/96kHz), computer-generated sound projection. He performs with a rig that seamlessly melds his instrument with electronics, computers, and an eight-channel cube (+ subwoofer) of loudspeakers — a performance concept that he calls modern marimba3. With this equipment, Nathaniel is able to project and move sound anywhere in the performance space, totally immersing the audience in the music. The computer-generated sounds relate quite well to the visual arts in that concepts of objecthood and spatial structure become a part of the musical fabric.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Crickets & Chic Cityrats

Chic Cityrats, the wonderful French eZine, posted a great write-up about Meet the Made. Read the whole story by CLICKING HERE.

Continuing on the robot theme, today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review includes a profile of artist Keny Marshall. Keny's Robot 250 BigBot, Crickets, is currently on display in the museum's Winifred Lutz Garden.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meet the Made Reviewed in the Tribune-Review

This morning's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review includes a review of Meet the Made, the eleventh installment of the Gestures Exhibition Series sponsored by Robot 250.

REVIEW: Mattress Factory's 'Gestures' exhibit lets visitors meet the robots
by Kurt Shaw (08.07.2008)

Empathy Implant

"Meet the Made," the 11th installment of the Mattress Factory's "Gestures" series, is unique among its predecessors because its focus is on robotic art.

Organized by Carl DiSalvo and Ian Ingram, the exhibit, on display in the museum's annex building along Monterey Street in the North Side, was conceived as part of a citywide community art and technology program known as Robot 250, which was designed in conjunction with Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary.
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The Toil of Tilling  The Productivity Paradox and the Cupcake Robot

Meet the Made runs through August 31, 2008.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Nice R250 Post Over at Fallon and Rosof

Roberta Fallon just posted a nice article on Robot 250, the citywide robot extravaganza we're having here in Pittsburgh.

Robot 250 – an old fashioned art and community project with a techno-twist -- is a piece of the city’s 250th birthday celebration. I went to Pittsburgh to check out the artist-made “BigBots,” eleven monumental art works commissioned for Robot 250 that use robotic parts, and heard from the students who made robots in their schools or used the Mars Rover technology, the gigapan, to document and explore their communities. Everyone was high on the project. The artists, in spite of difficulties with their electronically-controlled pieces in outdoor environments, were uniformly enthusiastic. | MORE |

The Mattress Factory's Robot 250-related exhibitions, Meet the Made and a.k.a. Crickets, run through August 31 and August 10, respectively.