Monday, January 21, 2008

IOCART: Post-Gazette Review

Friday evening was amazing. A big THANK YOU to the almost 500 of you who braved the frigid, sub-zero temperatures in the name of great art. It clearly didn't effect the performers in Ben Kinsley and John Rubin's piece, as you can see from the video in the post below. The reviews for illustrations of catastrophe and remote times are starting to roll in. This one comes from Sunday's Post-Gazette:
What do the following Pittsburghers have in common?: A vintage clothing store owner, a robotics professor, members of an experimental band, an artist steeped in fine art tradition and an alternative art space developer.

The answer is that they're all participating in "illustrations of catastrophe and remote times," the 10th installment of the popular, eclectic "Gestures" exhibition series at the Mattress Factory. (READ MORE)

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