Monday, May 12, 2008

Inner and Outer Space :: Review

Sunday's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review contained a nice review of Inner and Outer Space. The print edition showcased some great photos of works by Luca Buvoli, Allison Smith, Mark Garry and Sarah Oppenheimer.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last month, visitors to the opening reception of the exhibition "Inner Outer Space" at the Mattress Factory couldn't help but stare at the floor in a room on the fourth floor. For, cut into it was a 6-foot-wide hole.

Looking down the hole, which is actually an artwork by New York City-based artist Sarah Oppenheimer, all one could see was the roof of a garage across the alley from the museum. That's because Oppenheimer had purposely directed the view to a third-floor window via a carefully crafted tunnel made of plywood that angled through the third-floor gallery below.

In a place known for pushing the limits, not to mention the boundaries, of its own space, this is the first time in the museum's 30-year history that an artist has reconfigured the building structure in this way.

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