Friday, June 6, 2008

Two Reviews of Note.

Elaine King wrote a very nice review of INDIA: NEW INSTALLATIONS (Part I & Part II) in the June issue of Sculpture Magazine. They don't publish the magazine's full content online, but find out how to get it HERE.

Blogger Michael Fulk reviews INNER AND OUTER SPACE.
About mid-April someone from the Mattress Factory invited Pittsburgh bloggers to have media access to the April 25 opening of the new exhibit Inner and Outer Space. As I had not visited the Mattress Factory before, I figured I would take the opportunity to explore another museum/gallery and see some new art. Not that I hadn’t heard of the space previously, my friend Heather Mallak of monkey museum has done some work there in the past. Plus, it’s only about 5 minutes from work.

I met Mike Woycheck and Uncle Crappy (and wife) to explore Inner and Outer Space together. The art installations by the nine artists go way beyond the traditional painting in a frame on the wall but break through the confines of the floor, walls and ceiling. The new exhibit, which runs through January 2009, seems to complement the other permanent installations nicely. [ READ MORE ]

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