Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Auction Lot Additions

Posted by JEFFREY

Below are some recent additions to the Anniversary Art Auction catalog. More information about the auction can be found HERE. View the complete catalog HERE.

LOT 63: Anita Dube, Photograph
"Future Vitality", 2006, 20" x 62", Silver gelatin print, Diptych Edition 1 of 6. The artist exhibited in the museum's 2007 show featuring Indian art, "INDIA: New Installations, Part II"

LOT 50: Lonnie Graham, Print
"Adia, Goree Island, Senegal", n.d., 42" x 32", Digital print on paper.

LOT 109: Lonnie Graham, Print
"Morning Visitor, Eatonville, Florida", n.d., 42" x 32", Digital print on paper.

LOT 116: Margo Sawyer
"Veil of Unknowing", 2005-2008, 12' x 5' x 10", Net of powder coated copper, brass, aluminum, and anodized aluminum, glass beads and fishing line.

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