Thursday, December 4, 2008

ARTIST TALK: David Ellis

One of my favorite pieces in the Inner and Outer Space show is David Ellis' motion painting, OKAY. I think it really captures the essence of what an artist residency at the Mattress Factory is all about. During the month or so David spent here in Pittsburgh, he assimilated not only into the Mattress Factory community, but the larger Pittsburgh community as well.

For 15 days straight, David created work inside a hanger-like structure he transported from his Brooklyn studio to the museum lobby. More on that process HERE, HERE and finally HERE.

David enjoyed listening to a varied playlist of music while he worked. As museum visitors passed by his workspace, many were drawn toward the bright lights and pulsing tunes. Rather than keeping his MF studio off-limits, David welcomed visitors into his area and invited questions, comments and casual conversation from curious passersby. And when you view the final piece on the museum's first-floor gallery, you can see the many MF staffers, volunteers and helpers that assisted him with the project in quick, still-frame images that flash by in an instant.

David Ellis - OKAY

The connection between artist and viewer is often times a line drawn in the sand, over which neither dares step. But during his time here at the museum, David erased that line. In my mind, that embodies art-making at the Mattress Factory.

David will be coming back to Pittsburgh the week of December 15 to facilitate a series of workshops with students from Pittsburgh CAPA High School. We will be documenting the workshops with the intent to publish some of the content online. David's week in the STEEL city will culminate with an artist talk at the Mattress Factory on Thursday, December 18 at 7.00PM. More information about the public event HERE.

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