Tuesday, December 23, 2008


MORE INFO: Brooklyn Museum Utilizes YouTube Quick Capture for Community Voices

See what MF visitors are saying at www.youtube.com/MFiConfess

Posted by JEFFREY


Shelley said...

It's sick how much I love you guys! I'm super happy to see you guys using this - thanks for the props, too.

victor said...

This is great, and I look forward to hearing the testimonials! Good luck!

Victor (@ MoMA)

Bridget said...

Hey Jeff,

Me & my coworkers at the ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center are following your experiment closely as we are about to embark on the same.

So, question for you...what is your "protocol" for screening what remains on the channel and what is removed?

Manager Voices for the Lake

Jeffrey @ the MF said...

Hi Bridget.

First off, thanks for getting in touch.

Going into this, content management was something we had on our minds. Would we remove the videos that didn't directly answer the question, or those that strayed off topic?

We decided that the whole basis for this experiment was the elimination of the gatekeeper. We wanted to give our visitors a voice, independent of what that voice might say. As you can see, there are some gems of insight. And then there are some videos that leave something to be desired.

To answer your question, all videos will remain on the channel unless content violating YouTube's terms, or the Mattress Factory's mission appears. I can't see that happening though, because faces and identities are attached to each video, so in essence it's self-policing.

We will, however, remove a video if a visitor requests that it be pulled after it has been published.

I hope this answers your question. Feel free to email me if you need more info, etc.

jeffrey [at] mattress [dot] org

bridgetbutler said...

Hey Jeffrey...

Soooo, how goes it? Been following the postings on your channel and am wondering about how you feel your experiment is going. Would love another blog post update! Have you tweaked anything? How do you feel about what your getting vs. what you wanted to get.

Our channel is about to get hooked in live in the next week or so at the aquarium and we're VERY curious to see if the automatic link will change the type of videos we are getting...

Great stuff, really enjoying your project!

ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center

Jeffrey @ the MF said...

Hi Bridget.

We've temporarily taken the confessional down to accommodate for some event rentals (weddings, etc.). This is coincidentally giving us a chance to refine the collateral materials and more firmly frame the question of visitors. It should be back up next week.

An update blog post will follow highlighting the changes we've made and our thoughts on the project thus far.

Thanks so much for your interest!