Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Album | Gestures 12 Opening Reception

Last Friday evening, the twelfth installment in the Gestures Exhibition Series opened with a public reception at the MF annex gallery located at 1414 Monterey Street. Openings are always a great time as artists and MF staff get a chance to chat with visitors and members over fabulous food + drink and amazing artwork. Friday's event was no different, with several hundred art lovers turning out to celebrate the beginning of the show's run. Gestures: An Exhibition of Small Site-Specific Works runs through June 21, 2009

A big THANKS to Haley Harned for shooting the awesome photos of the opening below.

Gestures 12 Opening - 15

Gestures 12 Opening - 1Gestures 12 Opening - 2Gestures 12 Opening - 3Gestures 12 Opening - 4Gestures 12 Opening - 5Gestures 12 Opening - 6Gestures 12 Opening - 7
Gestures 12 Opening - 8Gestures 12 Opening - 9Gestures 12 Opening - 10Gestures 12 Opening - 11Gestures 12 Opening - 12Gestures 12 Opening - 13Gestures 12 Opening - 14
Gestures 12 Opening - 16Gestures 12 Opening - 17Gestures 12 Opening - 18

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Christine said...

Its quite obvious from the photos that if you haven't been or don't plan to go, you are completely missing out. You need to be able to stand, look around enter the work and appreciate it - something unfortunately not possible through a computer screen.

Jeffrey @ the MF said...

Couldn't agree more, Christine! As with everything MF, the experience is being within the artwork. These photos are definitely beautiful, but no replacement for being in the presence of the pieces themselves.

Thanks so much for commenting and posting about the show on your site!


Christine said...

You are welcome