Friday, August 19, 2011

David Conrad + Ice Cream = Supporting the MF

Do you like ice cream?
Mmmmm, ice cream. Photo: Mr. T in DC
Do you like handsome men?

Actor and arts supporter David Conrad (We just couldn't resist the pink hearts!)

Do you like supporting the Mattress Factory?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then Saturday, August 27th, will be your lucky day. Through the generosity of Life'sWork / Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop in Squirrel Hill, you will be able to support the Mattress Factory by stopping by the PartnerShop from 12-9pm and purchasing any ice cream deliciousness and presenting the coupon below – 20% of your purchase will benefit the Mattress Factory. For even more sweetness, if you swing by the ice cream shop between the hours of 1 through 5pm, you'll get to meet the charming and dashing (and Mattress Factory board member) David Conrad!

See you next Saturday!

Psst! Want more art and more David Conrad? You'll be able to catch the exhibition he's been working on over in Braddock, The Lost Pittsburgh School.

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