Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It was such a RAD day

This past Sunday the MF joined it's fellow Pittsburgh institutions and opened up it's doors to the public for free as part of RADical Days.

Our little museum was packed full of friendly faces (more than 600 of 'em!) and we couldn't have loved it more.

Dotted boxes were everywhere as visitors took part in an ARTLab activity based on "Sites of Passage" artist Mostafa Sleem's piece Mind Area "Sound of the Sound."

Local artist and MF friend Rose Clancy brought her group exhibition Your Place at the Banquet to the 4th floor of the museum in the form of delicious soup and Kevin Clancy's awesome mobile food stations.

Folks braved the rain and made their way down the block to our satellite space at 1414 Monterey to check out our latest exhibition "Sites of Passage."

As everyone's faces could tell you, it was a pretty rad day.

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