Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 11th CraftFactory Market

Join us in the MF Lobby on Sunday, August 11th for our 'almost end of Summer' CraftFactory! Come explore hand-made objects and artwork from Pittsburgh makers. The event runs during museum hours, 1-5pm. Museum admission is required to shop -  yet, we are offering half-price admission throughout August. Do some early holiday shopping or pick up a treat for yourself!  - This event is sponsored by the MF Shop.

Trilodeon by Niffer Desmond
Trilodeon creates living arts for your everyday growth and evolution.  Find engaging creations that heal the body, enliven the mind and stir the soul! We make high consciousness arts, learning toys, healing tools, apparel, eco decor and more. 

Niffer Desmond has crossed disciplines as an artist, activist, healer, and consciousness pioneer. In December 2012 Niffer created the 'Evolutionary Art Faire' - a cross pollination of brilliant creatives combining healing, spirit, music and art. With a flair for the fun and curious, Niffer continues to explore strange new worlds, uniting and igniting the imagination of Spaceship Earth. Also on Etsy.

Kitsch Ditch by Sam Ditch
- Kitsch, noun. Art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but appreciated in an ironic way. - 

The work of Sam Ditch explores obsessive florals, googly eyes and glitter. Sam’s work delves deep into the nostalgia of mid-century America and challenges the notion of the uber feminine. 99.9% of materials used are second hand – so not only is this work awesome, it’s very eco-friendly.

Sam Ditch is a Bellevue resident, and a 2009 graduate of Slippery Rock University. Sam has exhibited work in the Pittsburgh area and currently has work for sale at Wildcard and on Etsy. She’s a collector of all things kitsch and an avid folk music consumer.

Rose Duggan

Rose Duggan is a painter living and working in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania. Her work has focused on small-scale acrylic abstract paintings since 2009. In her work, she strives to create color intersections that are playful and engaging. She graduated from Allegheny College and most recently has been featured as one of Pittsburgh Arts Council's Emerging Artist at the annual Three Rivers Arts Festival as well as selected for Pittsburgh City Paper's 2013 ArtBox project.  

As one of the oldest art forms, ceramics has a versatility shared with few other mediums. Vanessa's work is a conversation in form vs. function. Form, shape and surface decoration are combined to create objects that walk the line between usable and sculpture. Themes include the abstracted vase, drawings etched in clay (a technique she developed herself) and the never ceasing desire to push high-fired stoneware to its physical limits.
Vanessa Kettering creates her ceramic work at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and is a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. A trained art educator, she works at an after school program in Regent Square and has led several art classes for a variety of ages. She speaks some Italian and is studying Japanese language and culture.

Lynne Kropinak

Lynne Kropinak is a self-taught jewelry maker, flea market addict, and enthusiast of all things crafty. Her work is inspired and constructed with found and salvaged materials: pictures out of old books, gemstones and leaves, polymer clay, paint, recycled trinkets, conversations heard in line at the grocery store, and other things too good to throw away. She has been making and selling crafts for over 25 years and delights in sharing skills and inspiration with other crafters. charmed by nature wares can be seen at many local craft markets in Pittsburgh and also at Wildcard. Lynne is also mom to the 2 Pittsburgh Craft-O-Tron machines that roam the city spreading the joy of local handmade goodies in small boxes. 

John the Craftist by Alethea Okonak
John is actually Thea, a true rustbelt gal who makes Pittsburgh greeting cards out of her century-old apartment in Aspinwall. She believes in the importance of handcraft, correspondence, regional culture, and -- perhaps most of all -- humor. Her cards are printed on paper manufactured by a sixth-generation, hydropowered Midwestern company, and she uses mostly vintage and distressed fonts based on wood type and mid-century modern aesthetics. When she isn’t printing and folding cards, she is most likely behind the counter at Wildcard, ordering a vegan pizza from Spak Brothers, or spoiling her Mom’s three rescue cats.

The Urban Feltmaker by Karen Page
(website currently under construction)
Karen Page has been a practicing artist and educator for more than three decades. She began her love of textiles when sewing and knitting clothes for her Troll dolls and then advancing to sewing her own clothes in high school to spinning and knitting one-of-kind sweaters.  Exhibitions and study have led her to Denmark, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan – where she conducted feltmaking workshops over four summers to various women’s co-ops. Karen teaches the textile studies classes (and occasionally costume) at CAPA.  Her work has been recognized with regional, national, and international awards including a PCA Individual Artistic Fellowship Grant and a NEA Individual Artistic Fellowship grant.

Devorah Naturals

Devorah Naturals creates safe and effective plant derived skincare for all ages.  Products are made with organic and natural ingredients and never contain parabens, formaldehyde donors, phthalates or petrochemicals. Devorah Naturals manufactures using earth and animal friendly practices.   


Electronic Component Jewelry from MakeWan. Shanning Wan has a Web/graphic design background, and is interested in the intersection of traditional craftsmanship, media art and digital fabrication. MakeWan can be found on Etsy, and at

Edited 8/3/13 - Emily Walley will not be able to participate in this CraftFactory, but her earrings are for sale in the MF Shop. Her work can be purchased on Etsy

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