Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mini-Factory: Big Ideas for Small People

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Mattress Factory celebrated with cakes, crowns and the launching of our new learning program called Mini-Factory: Big Ideas for Small People. Mini-Factory is an interactive mobile space designed by artist Katie Ford, for children ages 3-6 years of age. This is a great opportunity to have your child collaborate with others and experience a new work of art.

The concept behind Mini-Factory is for the space to adapt and transform with each installment. Children will be able to experience a piece of art, have story time, and participate in a project in the mobile pop-up space based on the theme of the day. We want children to begin thinking about space and the world around them. Through this program we hope that parents and families will explore the Mattress Factory and learn more about the educational opportunities within our installations.

While Mini-Factory is FREE, you must RSVP in order to attend. Interested? You can respond by email to, or by phone at 412-231-3169. If you are signed up but cannot make it, please be sure to let us know so the next family can be informed immediately. Be sure to get your pick of the following dates and times, as many are already filling up!

Saturday, February 1st at 11 am    -    SPACE
Friday, February 7th at 10am    -    LIGHT
Saturday, February 22nd at 1pm    -    PATTERN
Wednesday, March 12th at 10am    -    LINE
Tuesday, March 18th at 3pm    -    SOUND
Sunday, April 6th at 1pm    -    STORIES
Wednesday, April 16th at 3 pm    -    SEASONS
Thursday, April 24th at 10am    -    COLOR
Friday, May 2nd at 11am    -    VIEWPOINT
Wednesday, May 21st at 10am    -    MY FACTORY

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