Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Volunteering You Can Get Into: Meet Our Volunteers!

Hi everyone! It's Maria, your friendly neighborhood Visitor Services Coordinator. You've probably met me if you have visited the Mattress Factory lately -- I'm usually at the admissions desk collecting admissions and welcoming visitors to the museum. You may also know, if you've read my past posts, that I also manage the Mattress Factory's Volunteer Program -- and I'm posting today to introduce a new feature about just that!

The Mattress Factory's volunteers are a team of amazing, dedicated individuals. They provide support at every level of the museum, from administrative help to gallery attending. Our programs, exhibitions and events just would not have the reach and the impact they do without help from our faithful volunteers.

One of my favorite aspects about working at the MF is managing the Volunteer Program and working with all of the generous and interesting people who make up our volunteer pool. We're going to start featuring some of these volunteers regularly on the blog so you can get to know them, and a little more about what it's like to donate your time volunteering at the Mattress Factory. If you're interested in joining any of these fantastic folks, or would like to talk more about volunteering, e-mail volunteer[at]mattress.org to chat with me (Maria) about our Volunteer Program.

So, without any further ado, allow me to introduce our first volunteer to be featured on the MF's blog: Karlee Turkaly.

How long have you been a volunteer at the MF?
I have been volunteering for the Mattress Factory for one year now.

What do you like to do when you are not volunteering?
Aside from working full-time and going to school, I typically go out to eat here and there, check out what's going on in town, browse around goodwill, and exercise.

Who are your favorite artists, MF or otherwise?
James Turrell always hits a note with me. I am also a big fan of Robert Mapplethorpe, Jean Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein, and Baldaccini, just to name a few!

What made you decide to become a volunteer for the Mattress Factory?
Schedule flexibility is what won me over to volunteer with the MF. My schedule is very unpredictable so I can't commit to every Saturday, for example. The Volunteer Program at the MF is very understanding and adaptable in scheduling around issues and I really admire that. I feel respected and cared for with that kind of flexibility.

Helping out as a volunteer gives you an insider's perspective that the typical visitor does not get. What is something you wish people knew about the Mattress Factory, but probably don't?
That's a really good question. I would probably wish people knew the organizations and management that goes into events held at the museum. There are insane amounts of details to consider, people and vendors to contact, venue layout, keeping in mind of the people who live nearby, etc. And to get volunteers on board is probably a whole other story!

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