Wednesday, April 2, 2014

RECAP // Factory 500: Night Out in Lawrenceville

On March 28th, 2014, the Factory 500 members visited Lawrenceville to check out some of the the people and places that are contributing to the neighborhood's growing arts and foodie culture.

The first stop was Revision Space, with Director Cindy Lisica, which opened in February 2014. Cindy discussed her move back to Pittsburgh and the history of this unique space on Butler Street. The gallery's inaugural show opened on February 21, 2014 and featured new, never before seen work by artist Cy Gavin

Revision Space in Lawrenceville

Cy explained some of the inspiration and thought behind this collection of of works, which reflects on the untimely passing of a close friend. Many of the paintings had been folded and sat untouched in his New York apartment. When the canvas was stretched for Fugue States at Revision Space, it was the first time Cy had seen the pieces since painting them.

Cy Gavin talks to the group at Revision Space with Director Cindy Lisica

Revision Space's upcoming show, Art is Violent, opens to the public on April 4th, 2014.

The second stop was Radiant Hall Studios, an artist-run studio building in the heart of Lawrenceville that provides space and connections for emerging artists in the Pittsburgh region. Director Ryan Lammie oversees nearly 20 artists on three floors.

Ryan Lammie talks to the group about Radiant Hall's mission

Tom Patterson from Wild Purveyors, Steve Sloan from Roundabout Brewery, and Paul Roden from Tugboat Print Shop also joined in the evening.

Tom Patterson is co-owner of Wild Purveyors, a store on Butler Street that  provides locally grown food to the public. Tom brought along some samples for the group to try.

Roundabout Brewery owner Steve Sloan opened the craft brewery in July 2013. Located at 48th and Butler, Roundabout features fresh-brewed beers with a New Zealand flair. Members sampled his fantastic beer and a lucky few got to keep Roundabout beer growlers.

The group samples food and beer.

Paul of Tugboat Printshop was also on hand at Radiant Hall. Tugboat hand crafts woodcut prints in their studio in Lawrenceville. Paul spoke to the group about their work and showed some of their intricate pieces.

Paul Roden from Tugboat Printshop at Radiant Hall

Thanks to everyone who attended! Factory 500 is the museum's premier membership group, chaired by Susan Lammie. Members get exclusive access to tours of artist studios, businesses, private collections and more.

See you at the MF soon.

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