Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 6, 2014 ArtLab: Fill this Space!

Last month on August 2, we had visitors fill the elevator with balloons! And on August 16, Penny Arcade Comedy filled the galleries with improv!

We have an amazing upcoming ARTLab program that asks: If it was completely up to you, and you could fill one of our gallery spaces with anything, what would you use?

During a three hour Install Tours, visitors participate in a project called "Install Boxes." After a tour and a break for lunch, visitors receive a small box, art materials and a word such as “old,” “itchy,” or “cold,” and they create their own miniature installation within the box that reflects what they think an “old,” “itchy” or “cold” room would be like.

The ArtLab program on September 6th will be an opportunity to do an install project right in the galleries. When you visit the front desk, you will become a Prospective Installation Artist, and you’ll receive a word for inspiration. During your visit you’ll discover three underutilized spaces that we’ve identified in the museum. These spaces will be an opportunity to experiment with a few materials and change the space, using the word you received as inspiration, or using your own creative ideas. Got even more ideas for the space? You can write down what other ideas you have for the space on a big piece of paper and brainstorm with other visitors. There are no right or wrong ideas - at the Mattress Factory, we want you to dream big, just like our artists!

This project is meant to be a glimpse into what the installation art process is like, and what the artist residency program is like at the Mattress Factory. All artwork you see at the museum is made especially for the museum right on the spot, using whatever materials the artist wants, be it wax or hard candy or thousands of matchsticks or hundreds of skeins of yarn.

But why should your installation ideas be limited to the Mattress Factory? Do you have a space in your house, apartment, school, office or community that could have potential for an installation? Show us what your ideas are through Twitter or Facebook!

ARTLab programs are open to all ages and are FREE with museum admission!

-Karen Forney, Museum Educator

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