Friday, October 24, 2014

RECAP // Factory 500: Etna Studio Tours

The Factory 500 member group visited Etna on Saturday, October 18th for a tour with local artists, a behind-the-scenes visit with an atelier, and topped off with drinks at a local bar.

The first stop was Etna Studios, with artists John Clines, Sally Hardon, Sandy Kessler Kaminski, Paula Klein, Lisa Koi, Rise Nagin and Kathy Stept. Each artist was on hand to give a tour of their space and discuss their work.

Artist Sandy Kessler Kaminski shows prints to the Factory 500 members.
The second stop for the afternoon was River Projects, a company formed in 2014 by Brian Reneski and Mark Barill. Brian is also the US Representative for Beyer Projects. Beyer Projects produces sculptures and limited editions for many artists, including Anish Kapoor and John Baldessari. Mark and Brian gave the members an overview of the work they have created, from large installation pieces for Beyer Projects to Mark's detailed museum dioramas.

Brian Reneski discusses some of the work in their studio.

The last stop was E Town Bar and Grille, where the members enjoyed pumpkin beers and some of the best homemade mozzarella sticks and fish sandwiches in town.

The members relaxed in E Town's back room.

Thank you to everyone who came to Etna on October 18th! You can see more photos from this–and other Factory 500 events–on our Flickr page.

Factory 500 is the museum's premier membership program, chaired by Susan Lammie. The group tours private collections, artist studios, local businesses and other arts destinations in Pittsburgh several times throughout the year. Don't miss out – join now!

See you at the next event!
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