Wednesday, December 3, 2014

PREVIEW // ARTLab: Experimentations with Kathleen Montgomery!

This Fall, the Mattress Factory is offering ARTLab programs with each of the artists exhibiting in the museum's Artists in Residence exhibition. ARTLabs are programs for all ages + FREE with museum admission. Come early and you can catch the FREE drop-in tour at noon, led by one of our museum educators.

This weekend, we’ll be joined by artist in residence Kathleen Montgomery for ARTLab. Kathleen allows her own intuition to lead while working with raw materials. In her installation Body Memory Architecture, you’ll find natural abstract shapes made of earth, plaster, wood, wax, as well as prints and drawings, as she explores the dialogue between each form and the space around it.

On the second floor of the museum's 1414 Monterey Street galleries, you’ll find Kathleen’s drawings that were created while listening to theremin music. A theremin is a type of electronic instrument that creates sound depending on how close you are to the antennae on the instrument. While listening to this music she responded to the vibrating quality of the sound with her body and arm movements, creating the drawings you see here.

In ARTLab, we’ll have a real theremin set up for visitors to play with, and visitors can use paint brushes and wear blindfolds and create drawings in response to the sounds of the theremin. Through this process, visitors will be able to get in touch with their body and senses and create something spontaneous and unique.

See you there!

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