Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweet Gifts for your Sweetheart!

Vintage Globe. $75
Valentine's Day - it's almost here! Whether you're a last minute shopper, DIYer, or typically go the flowers and chocolate route - why not shop unique and local? The MF Shop has quite an assortment of funky and locally made items you just can't buy anywhere else! From vintage vases to handcrafted jewelry to beautiful cutting boards made from reclaimed wood - we've got it all.

Please stop by or contact us with any questions via email at or by calling 412.325.1512.

Handcrafted Wooden Vases by Bones & All. $30 / $65

Original Artwork by Jeshaka. $40

Valentines Cards by Alternate Histories. $4

Porcelain Earrings by Red Raven Studios. $46
Ceramic Cloud Dish by Adam J. Waddell. $10

Hand Artwork / Coasters by Celeste Paulick.
Set of two: $40.

Crochet Sterling Silver & Lava Stone Necklace by Nathan Hall. $140

Turquoise Spike Ring by Adam J. Waddell. $40
Ceramic Cloud Dish by Adam J. Waddell. $10
Fries & Slaw card by John the Craftist. $4

Tube Earrings by MakeWan. $27
Ceramic Cloud Dish by Adam J. Waddell. $10

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