Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PREVIEW // ARTLAB: Summer in the Mattress Factory Gardens!

Recently in the garden: magic tricks during the Community Garden Party.
Winifred Lutz designed and built the garden installation from the rubble of the old paper factory, native plants, and boulders from the area, linking past and present, urban and natural landscapes. For our next ARTLab on Saturday July 18, we'll be enjoying our time in the garden and tapping into some summertime nostalgia with the following activities:

Make your own MAGIC POTION mixture with water, herbs, and special magic garden items!

MUD PIES! Make yourself or a friend a lovely muddy confection and decorate it with whatever you can find in the garden.

Make a newspaper sit-upon so you can sit wherever you'd like in the garden. At 3pm, we'll have an imaginary TEA PARTY and play some improvised tea party games.

It's summer, let's have some fun! And in the meantime you might uncover some fun hidden secrets that Winifred Lutz left in the garden. 

As always, ARTLab is FREE with museum admission and is fun for all ages!

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