Wednesday, April 9, 2008

IAOS Update: Tavares Strachan

Below are some shots documenting the progress of Tavares Strachan's piece on the third floor. It's hard to believe that this is the same space that housed Anita Dube's Five Words during INDIA: New Installations, Part II.

For Tavares' piece, an area of the third floor is being converted into a diorama of a desolate, dark planet on which a robot will traverse the surface. Museum visitors will be able to control the robot from a remote location outside of the building.

Tavares 1

Tavares 2

Tavares 3

Tavares 4

Tavares 5

Tavares 6


Inner and Outer Space opens with a public reception at 6.00PM on Friday, April 25. More photos of works in progress can be found on our FLICKR page.


Anonymous said...

this is very exciting is great to see someone with depth, insight and willingness to to take a risk being original in their work!

bravo Mr. Strachan...keep going

Anonymous said...

I echo the sentiments of the anonymous person's comment. This is very exciting work. His originality is what will make him stand out!!!

Keep it up Strachan,