Thursday, April 10, 2008

Less Paper, More Art!

We're really excited to announce that the museum is now offering a Green, paperless membership. All correspondence (event/exhibition invites, newsletters, coupons, admission passes, etc.) will be sent electronically, freeing up more of your membership dollars to directly support the art, not postage and printing costs.

No paper. Ever. We promise!

And at $50 per year, the Green Membership is just about 30% cheaper than our standard individual membership. Visit to learn more and check out all the benefits that come with a Mattress Factory membership.

By the way, if you live in Pittsburgh, set your TiVos for WTAE (Channel 4) at 5.00PM this evening. News anchor Kelly Frey was here this morning doing a story on our Green Membership and next week's Ecolution event.

Make sure to tell Lindsay you saw her on Tee Vee.

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