Friday, August 1, 2008

Nice R250 Post Over at Fallon and Rosof

Roberta Fallon just posted a nice article on Robot 250, the citywide robot extravaganza we're having here in Pittsburgh.

Robot 250 – an old fashioned art and community project with a techno-twist -- is a piece of the city’s 250th birthday celebration. I went to Pittsburgh to check out the artist-made “BigBots,” eleven monumental art works commissioned for Robot 250 that use robotic parts, and heard from the students who made robots in their schools or used the Mars Rover technology, the gigapan, to document and explore their communities. Everyone was high on the project. The artists, in spite of difficulties with their electronically-controlled pieces in outdoor environments, were uniformly enthusiastic. | MORE |

The Mattress Factory's Robot 250-related exhibitions, Meet the Made and a.k.a. Crickets, run through August 31 and August 10, respectively.

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