Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meet the Made Reviewed in the Tribune-Review

This morning's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review includes a review of Meet the Made, the eleventh installment of the Gestures Exhibition Series sponsored by Robot 250.

REVIEW: Mattress Factory's 'Gestures' exhibit lets visitors meet the robots
by Kurt Shaw (08.07.2008)

Empathy Implant

"Meet the Made," the 11th installment of the Mattress Factory's "Gestures" series, is unique among its predecessors because its focus is on robotic art.

Organized by Carl DiSalvo and Ian Ingram, the exhibit, on display in the museum's annex building along Monterey Street in the North Side, was conceived as part of a citywide community art and technology program known as Robot 250, which was designed in conjunction with Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary.
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Meet the Made runs through August 31, 2008.

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