Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sarah Oppenheimer to Speak at Carnegie Mellon University

THIS JUST IN: Sarah Oppenheimer, whose 610-3356 has been extended and is currently on display here at the Mattress Factory, will be giving a FREE and open-to-the-public lecture at Carnegie Mellon University on Tuesday, February 10th at 5.00PM. All the pertinent details can be found over on the CMU School of Art Website.

610-3356 (2008)
aircraft grade plywood, framing structure, view into neighboring yard across street

From the CMU School of Art's Website:
The focus of Sarah’s work is the feedback loop between constructed spaces and pedestrian motion. She studies how the built environment and human behavior reciprocally impact each other; most recently, the way that the visual progression of the human gaze is mapped by the contours of a given space. Sarah opens apertures in existing architectures, modifying the modular units that make up our standardized urban world. These apertures create new lines of sight within the space of display, and can function as both "holes" and "screens."
610-3356 continues to surprise museum visitors and was recently included in critic and blogger Tyler Green's 2008 Top Ten List. Life Without Buildings also posted an insightful review of the piece shortly after it opened here at the MF. I hope to see you at the talk!

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