Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Update on the MF iConfess Project

I thought I'd post an update about the MF iConfess project. The most natural way to do this isn't by writing a long blog post, so here it is...straight outta the MF safari. Pardon my giggling half-way through. Barbara Luderowski was peering into the confessional and making faces in an attempt to fluster me. It worked.

Posted by JEFFREY


Bridget said...

THANK YOU!What a great update...really appreciate the blog posts on this project. We too are working at framing questions to improve content. ECHO is soooo close to going live with it's project. I'm looking forward to "comparing notes".

Thanks again,
Bridget Butler
Voices for the Lake Manager
ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center

Nina Simon said...

Thanks for this. I love the safari backdrop, and your comments made me think of Wendy Clarke's Love Tapes project, where she worked very deliberately to frame the topic in three ways:
1. by designing it such that visitors always saw others' videos before making their own
2. by inviting visitors to select musical accompaniment for their talk, which I believe gave an emotional and durational context to the experience
3. By keeping the question simple, direct, and expansive.

I wrote about that project here. Sadly, the link at the end to some of the videos appears to no longer work, but this is an inspirational project for me in a sea of video kiosk inanity.

Keep pushing!