Monday, March 2, 2009

Get Shortlisted

I Let My Nightmares Go
Jacob Ciocci (of Paper Rad) will perform "I Let My Nightmares Go" which uses a video projector and live dance moves to "grapple with mental demons, web 3.0, G.O.D., 21st-century breakdown, real lies and fake truths, cartoon violence, and awareness bracelets."

We're always looking for new ways to get to know our FaceBook friends and Twitter tweeps in real life! So that's why we've started THE SHORT LIST, a regularly-occurring meet-up of social media makers here at the Mattress Factory. We held our first meet-up-type event last November in conjunction with the opening reception for PREDRIVE: After Technology. A great time was had by all. Don't belive me? Check out the photos HERE.

So, the first 50 Tweeps or Facebookers to fill out this form will be short-listed for the upcoming PREDRIVE: NEW MUSIC + MEDIA event on Saturday, March 21. Short-listers will get into the the show for 1/2 price ($5.00), enjoy FREE cocktails (21+) & munchies, mingle with social networking contacts and enjoy an evening of new music and media! We'll provide the dance party and WiFi, but we will not be held responsible for TwitPics coming out of the museum during the event ;)

PREDRIVE: New Music + Media (3/21/2009)

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cpsperanza said...


Your form is not working and "cannot be viewed by the public."

Still interested in attending the event at half price.

Jeffrey @ the MF said...

Hi there. This event took place on 3/21 and is over. Thanks for the interest and stay tuned for the next shortlist event.