Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pop City Media Takes a Look at iConfess & SCREENtxt

MF iConfess

Pop City Media | By Debra Diamond Smit | March 4, 2009

Where art and technology meet come two new social media experiments, pushing the boundaries again of where the Mattress Factory is willing to go.

MF iCONFESS and MF SCREENtxt are two unique projects that extend the museum's reach beyond its walls and into the world of social platforms .

“This is another way to build a deeper relationship with our visitors,” explains Jeffrey Inscho, spokesperson. “This gives them the ability to share and engage in a dialogue with one another and continue the discussion (about the museum) for an in-depth amount of time.”

MF SCREENtxt, the first museum project of its kind, was created with the help of BrightKite, a location-based social network company in Denver | CONTINUE READING |

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