Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BAD MFers: The Inaugural Season

Last month we announced on Twitter that the Mattress Factory would be participating in a summer softball league with other cultural attractions located here on Pittsburgh's North Side. The artsy-types we are, we were vastly more confident in our team t-shirt design skills than our ability to score runs and win games. That being said, we decided to take team name submissions from our Twitter posse. We received a nice menu of potential team names, but couldn't choose the one, so we decided to let you, the readers of the MF blog, pick our moniker for this, our inaugural softball season.

So for seven days back in early March, we posted all the submitted names here on the blog and invited readers to select their favorite. The clear winner quickly rose to the top, and with a decisive 65% of the popular vote, Koven Smith's submission (BAD MFers) became our team name.

Designer rendering of our softball team T-Shirt.

With awesome name in hand, MF Shannon made the Shaft connection and rolled with that theme. After some refining, the design was finalized and Shannon & MF Lindsay headed over to AIR to do some screen-printing. Now all that's left is to play some softball. Our first game is Monday at 5:00PM and we welcome anyone in the neighborhood to come cheer us on! We play here. Full schedule follows:

4/20 (5.00PM) BAD MFers v. Children's Museum RAINED OUT
4/27 (6.30PM) BAD MFers v. Neighborhood Team (These guys & these guys) LOST 27-1
5/18 (5.00PM) BAD MFers v. Pittsburgh Project
6/15 (5.00PM) BAD MFers v. Carnegie Science Center
7/6 (6.30PM) BAD MFers v. Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
7/20 (5.00PM) BAD MFERS v. Children's Museum

Playoffs & Championship Game Begin August 3rd.

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Amy_at_MCGJazz said...

Oh yinz guys are so goin' down! I'm making sure of it.... We'll see you on Monday. Yeah, hat's right, The Minotaurs are coming to taunt & heckle at your game! What, what! Watch your back!

Lindsay said...

The pressure! The pressure is crushing me! Can I have the tight end position in the goalie zone?