Monday, April 13, 2009

Thaddeus Mosley GigaPan

The Thaddeus Mosley exhibition has been open for about a week and one of the most popular elements of the show for many visitors is the GigaPan of Thad's home we're projecting in the third-floor gallery. Opposite some of Thad's smaller-scale sculptures, visitors can approach an interactive computer terminal and operate, manipulate and investigate an extremely detailed image of Thad's remarkable home located just a few blocks away from the museum here on Pittsburgh's North Side.

For those new to the technology, Gigapan is a collaborative project between Google, Carnegie Mellon University and NASA Ames Intelligent Systems Division's Robotics Group. In essence, a robotic platform is attached to a digital camera. The robotic mechanism allows a user to take a photograph, then it will re-aim the camera with great precision, to take another photograph. After taking many photos, GigaPan software stitches all the pictures into a gigapixel image that can then be explored by zooming into the image's great detail.

The GigaPan of Thad's home we have projected in the galleries is embedded below. Feel free to explore and tag this image. To launch in a full-screen viewer, CLICK HERE.

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Robotgrasmaaier said...

I have seen this technology being used. I once checked photo of Holy Mosques of Makkah and Madina. They photographed whole Mosque and must say it was an amazing view though.