Thursday, April 2, 2009

Greening the MF - Episode 1 : QR Codes in the Galleries

Throughout the month of April, I'm visiting with other MF staffers to talk about their everyday efforts to green the Mattress Factory. In this first episode, I chat with Jeffrey Inscho about the roll-out of QR codes in the galleries, an initiative intended to reduce the amount of printed gallery cards the museum produces and distributes. Up next in the Greening of the Mattress Factory series, I sit down with Barbara Luderowski to talk about the retro-fitting of museum properties and environmental aspects of new MF construction.

If you can't see the embedded video above, CLICK HERE to open a new window.

UPDATE (4/3/2009)
- QR Codes: A Visitor Resource Guide

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lizk said...

thank you. i don't have a phone that can access the world wide web!

kinetocast said...

me either, are there check out devices to use?

Jeffrey @ the MF said...

At this time, no. For those without a 3G phone, we have printed materials that contain gallery information.