Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi. I’m Shannon.

I happen to think that I work for one of the most amazing museums in the world. I’m constantly surprised by what we do here. Sometimes it is shock and awe. Sometimes it is just pure joy that only strange art can create. Whatever it is… I love it. I also happen to be in a position where I get to share that experience with the public through programming related to our exhibitions.

Hey, that's me over on the far right

What did I do to deserve this? I’ll tell you what I did… I became theEducation Programs Coordinator for the Mattress Factory in summer 2010. This job allows me the freedom of imagination and reflection to put my own stamp on the programs I plan. So, I imagined ways to revamp our Saturday ARTLab programs. Folks can go anywhere, including countless museums and centers, and create art projects to take home and enjoy on shelves and mantles but how often do they get to become installation artists and temporarily show their work at a museum? Not often. That must change. It will change now.

Factory 14s "Eat It All" opening on July 30, 2010

Every 3rd Saturday of the month our visitors are invited to contribute their blood, sweat, tears, and creativity to a communal installation project here at the Mattress Factory called ARTLab. Please spare us the blood, sweat, and tears but bring the rest. One of our very own museum educators will guide willing participants of all ages through the process of installation art. The level of effort is up to you but the impact of the experience is up to us.

Rice paper flowers

This Saturday (March 17, 2011) Gian Carlos, an installation artist from Puerto Rico, will be leading a ARTLab activity that will help you melt away your worries by creating rice paper flowers and then releasing them along with all your troubles in a large water vessel. Watch your creation slowly disintegrate along with the troubles of the world.

Hope to see you at our next ARTLab this Saturday from 1-4pm!


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing- and just we all need right now! Awesome job. So wish I could be there!- Anita

Modena said...

ζ(゚ ◡ ゚)ξ