Thursday, June 2, 2011


We start planning for the Garden Party 51 weeks in advance. Yup. That’s right; the week after the Garden Party we’re back at it again.

This will be my fifth Garden Party as an MFer. Despite the insane hours and the heart palpitations of worry – this party is a blast! And it's only 15 days away.

A few things you may not know about the 2011 Urban Garden Party:

James Foreman, Mattress Factory member and supporter, is running his second annual “Win a Date” contest for one lucky girl (or guy) to be Jim’s date for the evening. For icing on the cake, he’s buying a Green Membership and handing it straight to you so you can keep on enjoying the Mattress Factory for 364 days after the Garden Party ends. Full disclosure: I’ve known Jim for 9 years. He’s a good guy. One of the best. He’ll blush for the first five minutes, and then continue to blush after consuming his first mixed drink. He’s nice, intelligent, thoughtful, generous, and will watch you dance your ass off (not so much of a dancer, that guy).

He’ll be picking a hot date in the next few days, so apply now!

Jim at 5, I think. He doesn't know I'm using this photo... yet.

Nobody knows about this yet, so this is the exclusive, last-minute announcement: Do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend? A wife? A husband? A domestic partner? A best friend? Now's your chance! James is cracking the whip and forcing his judges to choose a winner for Win a Date With Each Other! That's right - he's giving away two extra tickets to the couple who wants it the most!

Stay tuned to the @MattressFactory twitter feed and Facebook page for more information about how you and the partner of your choice can join James and his date for the best party this side of paradise!

Here is Jim (near right) at last year's Garden Party.

P.S. Oh, also, he’s a newly published author.

Pocketbook a little light? Watch during the final two weeks–starting tomorrow–for a few ticket giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for your chance to enter a contest to win a pair of tickets to the party! (Already purchased your tickets? No worries, we’ll give you an automatic upgrade to our exclusive VIP party for being such awesome supporters/partiers.)

AndrewAndrew will be here DJing from their iPads. And probably judging what you wear more than you think. (My favorite line in the video below: “We’re the guys who invented Facebook.”)

Someone is trying to scalp Garden Party tickets on craigslist:
The MF building posted a response:

The bottom line? This is going to be a fantastic party. I'd love to see you there on Friday, June 17th.

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