Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello friends, my name is Tom. I’m the summer marketing intern here at the Mattress Factory and today I have come on a mission. A mission to tell you about yet another rocking party the Mattress Factory is throwing this month.

Less than 36 hours after the 2011 Urban Garden Party’s trip from Hollywood to Paradise has drawn to a close (and in less time than it takes to walk to Homer City, PA and back), we will be throwing our Community Garden Party!

We’re going to have some awesome performances, great art and amazing personalities including the emcees of the party, Tom Sarver and Mike Cuccaro of The Puppet Happening. I’m telling you, this party is going to have it all.

You wanna to see the art? We got you.

Our galleries will be open and you can see our latest exhibition Neighbo(u)rhood in the main galleries. Or take a walk down to our satellite space at 1414 Monterey Street to see all the great work done by local artists for Gestures 15.

You wanna make some art? Oh man, we got you.

Going along with our newest exhibition Neighbo(u)rhood, there will be art-making activities including screen printing, flower potting, sound recordings and more.

You wanna hear some music? How about some drums….OF STEEL.

We’ve got local steel drum masters North Side Urban Pathways Sounds of Steel coming in and the folks from Evolve Productions will be dancing up a storm.

You get the gist, a fun time will be had by all who attend. Now, I know what you may be thinking, “But Tom, how could I possibly afford this afternoon of unleashing my wild side with my friends and family?” and “Who would ever think to walk to Homer City, Pennsylvania?”

Friends, allow me to answer only one of those questions:

This party is FREE, it’s going to be fun for all ages and it’s open to the public. Come on down Sunday, June 19 and party with us from noon to five!

Special thanks to our sponsors:



Huntington National Bank

PNC Bank

Venture Outdoors

Artist Image Resource

Rita's Italian Ice


Indigo Raffel

Obscure Games

Tee Rex

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