Monday, June 13, 2011

Go on and get down with your bird self

As I was sitting at my desk typing away the other afternoon, I decided to open the window and enjoy the soothing afternoon sounds of birds and flutes. Wait a second...flutes?

Upon further inspection I found none other than MF friend and Bird-musician Michael Pestel leading his KIDBOP children's workshop in the Garden below. The workshop has been a blast so far and along with movement artist McLean Danny and Butoh Dancer Taketeru Kudo, the kids have been learning all about bird sound and bird movement. Want to join in? Just give us a call, the workshop is running until July 1st and there is plenty of room and we welcome drop-in visitors!

The workshop is fun for all ages and even some museum directors
(MF Co-Director and Founder Barbara Luderowski pictured right)

Oh, but that's not all! (in my best Bob Barker showcase showdown voice) We've got some great performances lined up featuring the Big Experimental Bird Orchestra of Pittsburgh (BEBOP)! The Mattress Factory was pumped to team up with their Northside neighbors the National Aviary and the Children's Museum to bring this series of performances, as well as the KIDBOP workshop, to Pittsburgh.

Join us bright and early July 9th at 6 a.m. for a morning of musical performance with the Stray Birds Sunrise Performance. That afternoon, at 2 p.m., the kids from this week's workshop will be performing alongside BEBOP as KIDBOP: the Kids Incredibly Daring Bird Orchestra of Pittsburgh.

Can't make it this Sunday? No problemo my avian aficionado, on Friday, July 15th at 8 p.m. is the Stray Birds Sunset Full Moon Performance. Hang out with us in the MF garden for an evening of music and outdoor video projections of the BEBOP/KIDBOP project.

For a little taste of what you're getting yourself into, check out this video of Michael performing with some of his friends at the National Aviary:

So join us for some outdoor, musical fun July 9th and July 15th and get on down with your bird self!

Video of Pestel and Kudo Butoh performance on 6/26/11 by Renee Rosensteel

The KIDBOP workshop and BEBOP/KIDBOP performances are being presented by The Mattress Factory in partnership with The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and The National Aviary. Funded by The National Endowment for the Arts and the Grable Foundation as part of the Charm Bracelet Project Fund.

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Enjoyed the performances on Saturday at the Aviary! Thanks, Donnamarie