Monday, March 11, 2013

Art Lab: Derek Reese

Every first and third Saturday of the month from 1 to 4 p.m., the Mattress Factory offers Art Lab, an interactive and hands-on creative session ideal for individuals and families with children of all ages. Art Lab is free with admission and projects are developed to complement our current exhibitions and permanent collection, so please feel free to check out our galleries before or after Art Lab!

The Art Lab experience for the participant is representative of the creative processes of the artists at the Mattress Factory. It is a space intended for creative experimentation, where ideas can grow and foster. Art Lab is a liberating space for everyone to have the opportunity to get lost in his or her own creative process.

This Saturday, March 16, Art Lab: Wonder Bred will be hosted by artist and museum educator Derek Reese. Derek’s own artworks explore common themes of identity through the use and experimentation of materials.  One question visitors can explore is, “How does the place you are from influence who you are?” By viewing and interacting with Derek’s works, visitors will be invited to reflect upon their own background (whether it be cultural, genealogical, geographical, etc.) and create their own works of art by using unconventional materials. As a working artist himself, we asked Derek to relate the Mattress Factory’s Art Labs to his own creative processes as an artist. This is what Derek had to say:

I think that Art Lab has the potential to be an actual laboratory where the artist begins a test, or asks a question and the visitors, guided by the artist, continues the conversation or the experiment. Experimentation is key. Through participating in Art Lab, I hope that Mattress Factory visitors get a sense of what the art making process is like for a professional artist, such as the artists with work being exhibited upstairs in the galleries. I would like everyone to see how important and rewarding that experimenting, playing and creating can be.

Join us this Saturday, March 16, for Art Lab: Wonder Bred and perform your own artistic experiment with Derek Reese!

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