Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ALL-NEW // Audio Guides!

Have you ever been exploring the museum and found yourself saying: I wonder how they made that, or I wonder what the inspiration behind that work was? Some of these answers may surprise you, and with our brand new audio guides, the Mattress Factory is offering you the chance to dig deeper into your favorite installations, and even into some behind-the-scenes commentary on the museum itself.

Simply go to mattress.org and click this image at the top of the page when it scrolls by, or click the Audio Guides icon on the bottom right corner of the home page. This will send you to the Mattress Factory's Soundcloud page, where you can listen to one of our museum educators walk you through the artist, materials, and vision behind the making of any installation of your choice currently on display. You can also listen to MF Co-Director Michael Olyjnik talk about everything from how Sarah Oppenheimer managed to build her hole in the floor, to the history of each of the buildings that now belong to the Mattress Factory, to the Mattress Factory's artist-centric mission and the seemingly endless variety of materials used to facilitate the vision and work of artists throughout the years.

Audio Guides can be listened to while exploring the museum, with complementary headphones at the door or with headphones of your own, or after you've visited and had the chance to experience the works for yourself. We hope you enjoy this round of guides, and there will be more to come with future exhibitions!

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